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DLA Computers are an Authorized Reseller of BullGuard Internet Security.

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BullGuard Internet Security 9.0


Give viruses no chance
» Security updates every 2 hours
» Proactively scans and filters websites
» Detects spyware
» Antiphishing module lets you bank and shop online

Firewall Protect your computer from intruders
» Prevents hacker attacks and keeps you safe
» Watches everything coming in and out of your computer
» Silent firewall with minimal system speed impairment
Spamfilter Keep your inbox clean
» Quick to set up and easy to manage
» Complete intergration with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail
Backup Easily secure your important files
» Free secure 5GB online backup
» Encrypted file transfer and storage
» Access your online files from any computer
Support Free support when you need it
» 24/7 personal assistance through email and live chat
» 2-click support access
» Allow BullGuard Support Team temporary access to your computer
Gaming Uninterrupted gaming with maximum security
» No updates and alerts while you're gaming
» Game Mode ensures minimal consumption of system resources
» Specific preset gaming profiles for the 20 most popular games

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